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Pool Start Up Procedure

Once your pool is full of water, it will require extra attention. A pool start up includes brushing, filtration, and chemical balancing. All of our renovations at Pool Pros come with complimentary 30 day pool service.

Additional guidelines to be followed during the start up period:

As plaster cures, especially during the first 30 days, it is important to remove plaster dust in a timely manner by brushing and to stabilize water chemistry in the pool. Since chemicals can have a significant impact upon the life of your plaster it is suggested that only persons trained in this area introduce chemicals to the pool.

A re-plastered pool must be brushed until there is no longer visible plaster dust churned up by the brushing. Inadequate brushing may result in the plaster dust becoming permanently affixed to the surface of the pool. Pebble pools surfaces require limited brushing.

Start the pool equipment once the pool has been filled. Run the filter 18 hours per day for at least a week subsequent to plaster. Make sure that there is main drain suction to filter the dust from suspension in the water. Monitor filter pressure as the filter may need cleaning during this period due to the accumulation of plaster dust. The filter can be set for normal operation with a Pebble pool surface.

Do not swim in the pool until there is no longer evidence of plaster dust in the water and chemicals have been balanced.

Do not use the pool sweep cleaner for at least ten days subsequent to the application of plaster or Pebble finish.

Do not turn on the heater for at least ten days and longer if the pool is not in chemical balance.

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