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The crew put a hose into the pool and started filling it with water, now what?

Filling the swimming pool

When the application of plaster or Pebble has been completed, the crew will begin filling the pool with water. Note that the application of Pebble interior finish is a two day process. The average pool takes 24 to 36 hours to fill. Until the pool is completely filled with water it is vulnerable and extra care should be taken as detailed below.

It is important that your swimming pool be filled with water as soon as possible. Do not turn the water off for any reason until the pool is full. If you have a spa, it should be filled with water after the pool has been filled completely. If the water is shut off prematurely, you may have a "bath tub ring" around your pool. Monitor your pool as it is filling so that you can predict at about what time the water should be turned off. It may be necessary to set your alarm. Watch it closely! 

Use the pool fill line only after the initial water fill process is complete. Additional hoses may be added once the water depth is three to four feet, but be sure water from the additional hoses does not run across the pool surface. Hoses should be placed into the pool in such a way that they do not touch the pool surface. The outlet of the hose should discharge into the pool of water above the main drain. The water surface will typically be maintained at the mid-tile level. The water level for a Pebble pool interior without tile should be maintained in the middle of the skimmer throat.

Do not walk or allow pets inside the pool. Make sure that gardeners, landscapers, and other maintenance people stay away from the pool area until it is full. Fertilizer and other yard debris in the pool can be very damaging and must be avoided.

If mastic is installed, make sure that pets and people do not touch this flexible joint between the coping and deck for 48 hours. Mastic is very sticky until cured and is difficult to remove from places where it does not belong. There will be sand residue remaining after installation, which can be swept or hosed off after the 48 hour curing period.

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