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More than 500 Lee County pools have failed health inspections just in 2019


Many of the pools that failed their first inspection fixed those issues and then passed the second time around.

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LEE COUNTY, Fla. - The Florida Department of Health in Lee County has handed out more than 800 failing health inspections to pools and spas since the beginning of 2019.

Here's how those numbers break down by municipality:

Failed health inspections at Lee County Schools in 2019

Some pools were cited for poor appearance because they showed signs of floating algae, dirt and debris. Others failed for lacking potentially life-saving lights, ladders or lifeguards. Then there are the pools that were downright disgusting, failing to maintain the proper water quality and leaving guests wondering what's in the water.

"Pools are usually failed immediately for bad water chemistry, which isn’t healthy for our guests or our swimmers," Joe Mitchell, president of "Pool Pros Inc," said. 

Mitchell said a few simple treatments and tests every other day should keep your pool crystal clear. "We keep the proper standards of water chemistry, which means we are checking chlorine levels, the alkalinity, the pH, stabilizer level, and I personally carry a test kit with me to make sure when I stop by a pool, I can double check on my guys," Mitchell said. 

Mitchell said he's not surprised by the number of failed inspections in Lee County, given the rising number of unlicensed contractors. "Our pool service has been deregulated throughout the state since about 2008, so now people with an occupational license can basically take care of a pool. They’re probably causing most of those 700 (failed inspections)." 

Many of the pools that failed their first inspection fixed those issues and then passed the second time around. To access the health department's pool inspection database, click here.

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