Pool Pros, Inc.

Pool Service Maintenance

Monthly Maintenance

Tired of responsibility of maintaining your pool?  Worried about chemical maintenance and unhealthy water?

Technician cleaning a hot spa and swimming pool

Pool Pros has the answer for you.  Just
sign-up for one of our monthly maintenance
plans and we'll take over your pool

Our team is available to fulfill all of your
pool care needs. To ensure a safe and
inviting pool environment, we adhere
to the latest industry standards.  

Enjoy A Clean Pool 7 Days A Week!  Contact Us Today!

Plans Available

Plan I - Chemical /Filter Maintenance

  • Necessary Water Tests Performed by pool technician weekly.
  • All Required Chemicals Added to assure balance & water clarity.
  • Filter Backwashed or Cleaned (depends on filtration system) for effective filtration once per month.
  • Also included: Walls Brushed, Tile Line Cleaned, & Water Skimmed by technician each week.  

Plan II Plus - Chemical/Filter/Vacuum Maintenance

In Addition to Plan I, Leased Pool Cleaner Installed.  Allows continuous cleaning of pool.  Cleaner remains the property of Pool Pros, Inc., as will the responsibility of the repairs and proper operations.

Plan III - Chemical/Filter/Manual Vacuum Maintenance

In Addition to Plan I, Pool Will Be Manually Vacuumed by technician four times per month.  Nice alternative to automatic pool cleaner. 

Open Pools

In Addition to Plan I, Automatic Pool Cleaner Installed & Filter Cleaned two times per month. 

Platinum Service 

In Addition to Plan I, All Equipment & O-Rings Checked weekly. 

  • Filter replaced one time per year.
  • Deck pressure washed quarterly.
  • Weekly check lists maintained.  

State Licensed & Insured to provide Commercial and Residential Pool Design, Pool & Spa Construction, Pool Repair, Pool Service, Pool Maintenance, Pool Cleaning for Salt Water Pools and Chlorine Swimming Pools in the communities of Cape Coral, Naples, Sanibel, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Estero, Sanibel, Captiva, and all of Southwest, Florida.